Tiny Teeth: Oral Care For Babies

Cute little baby boy taking bath playing with foam and brushing his teeth in a white sunny bathroom

Every parent knows that keeping baby’s teeth and gums in top condition is a priority. The challenge is finding soothers, training cups, teats and early toothbrushes that provide the functionality you need but which still provide an attractive, appealing choice for your child. As a leading source of oral products for babies and toddlers, MAM has worked closely with a skilled team of professionals in order to develop a range that not only looks fantastic, but which has been specifically designed to maximise oral health in your baby. If you want to ensure your little one’s delicate first teeth are cared for appropriately, the MAM collection is a great solution.

Expertly shaped for mouth health

All teats and soothers are not the same! MAM has invested heavily in researching
and developing soothers and teats which soothing_2-6_original_blue_3are anatomically correct so that they match the contours of tiny mouths. Symmetrical dimensions and a shape that’s been created in consultation with paediatric dentists and orthodontists ensures that your baby’s oral
health is maintained.

The very best materials

Before producing a fresh line of products, MAM takes the time to look for appropriate materials that will give premium performance at the same time as being safe for your baby to use. For example, the plastics in MAM products are BPA free and they are always looking for ways to innovate when it comes to their oral health collection!

little child baby smiling lying under thr towelEveryone at MAM and Babynest knows that the right start is essential when it comes to ensuring the future oral health of your baby. With that in mind, input from dentistry experts who have a good understanding of what young mouths need for optimal health is at the centre of everything we do. This means that when you buy MAM items, you are investing in top quality products that have a wealth of cutting-edge dental knowledge informing their construction. If you’re looking for an effective first toothbrush, a soother that’s designed to optimise dental health or teats that are constructed specifically to meet the needs of tiny mouths, then something from the MAM collection is ideal.

The Nest Test: How Safe Is Your Baby’s Bottle?

MAM 5oz-500x500-1

Thanks to advancing technology, babies’ cups and bottles are becoming safer and safer. You can now find products on the market that not only offer safe drinking, but also come with a bunch of revolutionary features, such as self-sterilisation, “learn to drink” options and colic-reduction mechanisms. Here’s a round-up of the latest news in cups, bottles and improved safety standards.

The Self-SteriliserAnti-Colic Bottle

In February 2016, social media went a bit crazy after a mother published a photo of a sippy cup, the inside of which was covered in a scary layer of mould. At the time, Dr. Claire McCarthy, an assistant professor of paediatrics at Harvard, told Healthline, “Almost by definition, because of the way sippy cups work, fluids can get trapped in whatever is being used as the mechanism — and when fluids get trapped and left there, mould can grow.”

However, the good news is that the latest baby bottles, like MAM’s self-sterilising anti-colic bottle, come with a self-sterilising capacity. Rather than having to use a separate steriliser, you simply take the bottle apart, add a tiny bit of water and pop it in the microwave for three minutes. It’s a godsend for travelling parents.

The Learn-While-You-Drink

Learn 2 Drink Cup As any parent knows, teaching a baby to drink independently can be difficult and even stressful at times. However, the latest cups make the process much easier. The MAM Learn-2-Drink Cup, for example, comes with a special soft spout. This means your child can switch easily between a teat and a cup-style valve, and between no spill and free flow. Rather than having to buy two different cups, you’ll only need one.

According to international studies, babies who have been bottle-fed can start to learn to use a cup from around six months. Research also emphasises that sweetened drinks can cause tooth decay. It is better to stick to breast milk, formula or water.

The Colic Reducer

In many cases, colic is caused by the swallowing of air while drinking. That’s why new bottles are built to make sure no air can slip in between sips. They’re a fantastic innovation for mothers who’ve been driven to despair by burping babies. Check out MAM’s latest anti-colic bottles on Babynest.

3 Fashionable Winter Accessories For Your Baby

Winter Baby Tips

Winter presents a unique opportunity that parents don’t have at any other time of year; swaddling your baby like a snowman! Or perhaps you prefer a more traditional approach; dressing your child up in a fleeced jacket complete with mini mittens.

Whatever fashion trends you help your baby follow, there are three things that you must remember above all else: warmth, health and safety.

However, the drop in temperature doesn’t mean daggy hats and old knitted jumpers. You need the perfect stylish accessories to keep your baby comfortable at all times. Here are a few winter essentials from Babynest:

1. The Red Castle CombiZip

CombiZip BabynestThis CombiZip Cosytoes keeps your baby warm when out and about during winter. Quilted with a fleece lining, the CombiZip is versatile and can be quickly unwrapped thanks to the easily accessible zips and poppers. Your baby is sure to fall asleep and remain comfortable no matter how chilly it may be, whether in the car, in the stroller or even on a bicycle seat.  When you arrive at your destination, simply pop open the CombiZip to reveal your baby’s stylish outfit, expertly picked by you, of course. You can even co-ordinate the CombiZip according to what your baby is wearing, as it is available in a range of colours.

2. The Whizz CushionWhizz Cushion Babynest

This comfortable stroller cushion is double-sided, so your baby can feel snug, safe and warm on a heavenly bed of fleece. Simply flip it over to the cotton side come summer to keep them cool.

Available in charcoal black, sophisticated grey and bright fuchsia among other colours, the interior of your baby’s stroller can effortlessly match whatever they’re wearing, and whatever you’re wearing too.

3. The Natural Bamboo Swaddle WrapSwaddle Babynest

Give your baby extra warmth in their stroller with the Natural Bamboo Swaddle Wrap. Made from 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, you know they will always be comfortable. Whether you prefer pale stripes in a subdued shade of pink, or a bold red and blue horse motif, there is a design to suit you and your baby’s style.

Baby Proofing Your House | Facts vs Fiction

Babynest Baby-Proofing

Preparing for every facet of your new baby’s life is impossible. This is the first fact that all new parents will instantly recognise as true. However, there is a lot of advice available regarding how to best approach baby proofing. The trick is, you need to assess things through your baby’s eyes in order to achieve peace of mind.

Fact: Anything With A Handle Is Fascinating

Drawers and cupboards are wonderful things. Not only can they be used to lever yourself into a standing position, there is also a treasure trove of items to discover beyond.

Once handles are mastered, this leads to all sorts of potential risks, particularly in relation to windows and doors. Babies have no concept of danger, and it only takes an instant for a seemingly safe situation to escalate.

Happily, there are brands that have invested time and effort into preempting solutions. Make sure you baby proof to tick all the boxes, so that the products you buy are affordable, functional and safe. Must have purchases include baby latches for your kitchen, baby locks for your windows and doors, appliance locks, and you may not have considered it – but toilet locks. So, if your baby is looking to explore the world, they can do so safely, within the limits of their own strength.


Fiction: Your baby will learn from his or her mistakes

As soon as your toddler learns to crawl, it’s only a matter of time before things will be eaten that shouldn’t be eaten, and instead of seeing risk, your baby will see a challenge. No matter how many times you explain, or how many times they fall, your baby will continue to push the limits of what they can achieve as they grow. So you need to be on the front foot, and invest in items like power point protectors.

Fact: stairs act like a magnet

From the moment your baby comprehends them, stairs are a feat to be conquered. Not content to stay within the boundaries you set, your little one will insist on finding escape routes. It’s a good idea to look into baby gates to avoid unnecessary tumbles. You should opt for a retractable model, and you can also order an additional extension for when your child starts getting taller.


Fiction: all baby proofing brands are equal

It’s incredibly important to utilise websites which promote brands that meet the highest standards of Australian regulation. If you rely on international sites, you can’t be sure that their claims are watertight. Make sure the products you use around the home will be safe and durable, comprised of non-toxic materials and do not contain any small parts, in order to avoid choking hazards.

Fact: there is good help available

Babynest was created to give you the best advice from mums and dads who have lived through all the joys of parenting. But we always value new opinions!

Have you got some baby proofing tips? Please share your experience below, and help other new parents to stay on the lookout.

Five Benefits of Anti-Colic Bottles for Newborns

It’s quite upsetting when you know that your baby is prone to colic. For prolonged periods of time your baby may suffer from abdominal pain, and understandably, new parents will want to do everything in their power to prevent symptoms, or ensure that they abate quickly. It’s actually quite a common occurrence, with colic diagnosed for up to a quarter of newborn babies.

Happily, MAM anti-colic bottles have been developed under the guidance of developmental experts so that the effects of colic can be minimised. But the extent of the benefits gleaned will surprise you, for such an affordable solution.


1. Symptoms Can Be Reduced By Up To 80%

The myth is that colic is a condition that passes with time, and merely needs to be tolerated. This simply isn’t true, because anti-colic bottles will change the way you feed your newborn. The secret of the MAM bottle is in the vented base and the silk tip, which reduces the infant’s intake of air. This makes the transition to bottle feeding seamless. By replicating the nipple more closely, your baby will be much less fussy too.

2. The Choice Is Yours

The wonderful thing about MAM anti-colic bottles is that they can be used for both breast milk and formula. When you consider the needs of your baby, switching to an anti-colic bottle will give you flexibility during feed times, and also make your baby more comfortable.

3. The Bottles Are Designed To Eliminate Problems
MAM Self Sterilizing

Not only are MAM bottles available in a range of colours and styles, they have also revolutionised the process of feeding. The base provides an even flow of milk, eliminating air pockets and bubbles. The seal is air-tight to prevent leakage. The soft nipple of the bottle is a patented silk teat so your baby will naturally adjust to the shape and feel. You can also change the size of the nipple as your baby grows, and it’s easy to measure how much milk you’re feeding your baby.

The best part is that the MAM bottle is self-sterilising. It has a wide mouth so that you can wash and refill the bottle with ease, but for mums and dads who are concerned with cleanliness, all you need to do is pop it in the microwave and follow the instructions to prevent any form of contamination.

4. MAM Bottles Are Tested To The Strictest Standards

You can rest assured that your anti-colic bottle meets all Australian regulatory requirements. MAM guarantees that your purchase will be free of harmful chemicals and components, such as lead, PVC and BPA, so that your bottle meets CPSIA code.

5. The Emotional Toll Of Colic Will Be Mitigated

Once you’ve made the switch to an anti-colic bottles, you’ll feel an enormous weight lifted off your shoulders!

For further feeding tips and tricks to soothe your baby, don’t forget to consult babynest. Our community of like-minded parents is here to help you every step of the way.

What to Do if Your Baby is Teething?

Teething Blog

Teething babies are something that every new parent goes through, especially as the child starts to grow. On average, babies start to teeth after 6 months and often show great signs of distress when it comes to it. There are various signs of teething that a baby goes through with various parts of their teeth. Their bottom front teeth comes through at around 5 to 7 months, the top front teeth comes through at around 6 to 8 months, the side of the top of the teeth come through at around 11 months, the bottom side of the teeth come through after a year and the total back teeth come through at around 2 years.

How Do I Tell If My Baby Is Teething?

You will find that when your baby is teething, you may not even be able to tell in rare circumstances. You will find that the baby may be settled and fine. However, for most times the gums will be sore and red where the tooth comes out. It is exactly like how wisdom teeth come out, the pain for a baby is as intense. You may find your baby may dribble as there is extra saliva being produced as well as gnaw and chew a lot in hopes of having the pain go away. One of the most important things to know is that when your baby is teething, they will often have very high basal temperature, because they feel very irritated and don’t know how to express it apart from crying.

How Can I Soothe My Teething Baby?

Below are a few ways to ease the distress of a teething baby :

  • Make sure that you are always wiping the dribble of your baby’s mouth and chin. Failure to do this will land your baby’s delicate skin into a rash and one that is rather challenging to get rid of due to the irritation. After you have cleaned it, ensure that you are using a barrier such as petroleum jelly to salve it and keep it dry and lubricated.
  • Ensure you are always checking your baby’s temperature to see if anything is a cause of concern or something that you require immediate medical assistance for.

Teething is part of your baby growing up and the understanding that every baby goes through it. Although it can be rather disconcerting to see your baby in pain, if you follow the tips above—you will be able to lessen the discomfort and let your baby’s teeth come through which is a major milestone in your child’s development!


Online Shopping


 In today’s modern day and age, most activities that were once conducted solely in physical spaces have shifted to digital spaces, with the vast majority taking place on the internet.

One example of such activities is shopping. A great deal of shopping takes place online, with multi billion dollar businesses now running smoothly based on these online shopping platforms.

There are a lot of businesses whose primary purpose is to facilitate online shopping. The initial function of these websites was to provide a platform for people to sell their goods online. The company would take a share of the sale price and in exchange, the seller would have access to a market that is far larger than one they would be able to access through a brick and mortar store.

These online shopping websites have become great assets to small business owners. They no longer have to spend money on brick and mortar locations, with a storage space for their goods becoming their only major expense.

Several websites have started to expand their business as well by stocking their own items and selling them through their own online shops. This has had the benefit of providing streamlined service to people that want high quality products from trustworthy vendors.

Online shopping is not just restricted to such entities, however. A great deal of online shopping has nothing to do with small to medium scale sellers using such platforms.

Virtually every major retailer of virtually every good that is bought and sold on a regular basis has an online presence. From clothing stores, all the way to large scale all purpose retailers that sell cheap goods in bulk, having an online presence has become essential to the survival of a company because so many people go online for shopping as it is more convenient.

Food is also commonly bought and sold online. Since there is a large scale demand for food, a great deal of vendors and chains have created an online presence so that customers can purchase what they have to sell in the comfort of their own homes.

Shopping for baby items has also become commonplace on the internet. It has become very convenient for parents to simply shop online for a number of items such as baby toys and baby clothes. Busy parents with little babies, that don’t have time to go to the market will be able to get important items for their babies delivered in no time, removing the need to go to physical stores completely. 

With the massive advancements online shopping platforms are making in their delivery services, including the possible launch of drone delivery service that would allow the company to deliver goods within an hour, people are soon going to be looking at online shopping as their sole method of purchasing goods, and physical stores will soon stop being as pervasive as they currently are.

All in all, online shopping has become a very popular way to purchase goods. It is a way for people to get what they need without having to leave home and without having to sacrifice the massive variety they get by going to the supermarket.

If you are looking for baby items, look no further than babynest.com.au. It’s an all purpose solution for all of your baby shopping needs!